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Attend any of these webinars with your office mates or neighbors

1st Thursday of the month -  Feed the Soil with Nutrients not Plastic - click here


2nd Thursday of the month - SUSTANSYABILITY to clean our Rivers and Creeks - click here

3rd Thursday of the month - Rot is last but not the Least - click here

4th Thursday of the month - How to Donate your Food Scraps via the G2G App - click here

September 19 - Healthy Soil Healthy Oceans - click here

Got 10 minutes? Here is a self paced option

Put your food waste into good use | Sign-up Here 

Take Action!


Build the habit. Create your own personal success story. Have shared experiences with like-minded individuals.


Your Community, Your Organization, Your Barangay, Your City. Our Common Home


Yourself and others. Create Dignified Green Jobs. Sponsor Vulnerable Communities.

Take Action Now!

Patronize our products and services. Take the 30 Day Garbage to Garden Challenge. or simply drop off your premium compostables and recyclables to the nearest Bokashi Pinoy Ecohubs

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