Working in Synergy to Achieve Circularity: #TRASHTONATURE

With the alarming rate of increase in solid wastes in the Philippines, various organizations and institutions including EcoNest Philippines, Bokashi Pinoy Composting, St. John Bosco Parish Tondo, and SACHI-Group Inc. will be collaborating to start the #TrashtoNature program. Trash to Nature, an initiative launched by the sustainability alliance aims to be an avenue for waste collection, composting, a drop-off incentive program, and sustainable purchasing. This will encourage and educate communities on how to close the loop of circularity by bringing their organic wastes back to nature and turning them into resources. In support of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, this initiative highlights waste minimization using proper environmental practices and the utilization of valuable resources. Join us on the 17th of July, 2021, from 3:00-5:00 P.M. at the St. John Bosco Tondo Soccer Field to venture towards a sustainable future!

Donate your Trash

High Value Compostables and Recyclables Only


Looking to donate your trash? We accept four (4) different kinds of waste and offer an incentive for each material donated! We accept (1) Stage 3 Bokashied compost waste, (2) Cleaned and Dried PET Bottles, (3) Used cooking or motor oil, and (4) Dried compostables. The guidelines differ per waste material, be certain to check before dropping off your waste!  


Bokashied Organic Waste


For the bokashied organic waste, Bokashi Pinoy will accept Stage 3 ready buckets (full, sealed, and properly labeled) directly at Don Bosco Gulayan ni Juan Farm. Buckets will be wiped clean onsite and returned immediately unless the owner specifies otherwise. Donate your Bokashied Organic Waste to help make the soil organically fertile. Learn how to Bokashi Your Food Waste properly and then bring it to the Garden. Swap your BOW and IPA! 

PET Bottles

and Used Cooking Oil


For your cleaned and dried PET Bottles, they must be clean, washed, and segregated per bottle type. We are only accepting 295ml, 1.5L, 2L, 4L, 6L, 7L, 8L & 19L. These will be repurposed as Bokashi Ipa dispensers! For your used cooking or motor oil, Place used cooking oil or motor oil in a bottle. Keep away from heat/the sun beforehand. These oils are to be recycled into bio-diesel! We purchase at P3.00 per liter. Swap your used cooking or motor oil and PET with Compostables, and get cash back rewards!


Dry & Flattened


For your dry compostables, we will accept dry and flattened compostables made from bagasse, cassava starch, compostable PLA. The Sustainability Alliance reserves the right to reject materials that do not pass the compostability material screening - ensure that your items came from a reliable source. Donate your EcoNest Compostables - cassava bags, dry paper, bagasse or geami wraps to return these back to nature! Claim gift vouchers from EcoNest  Philippines and Unilever Food Solutions for every registered donor!


& Read guidelines


There’s no time to waste!  Click the registration link and start your journey towards conscious consumerism and start composting, segregating, and collecting your #econestcompostables with the sustainability alliance! Joining hands with others prompts progress and leaves a greater impact. Build and nurture a sustainable future with us.


Waste Drop Off Registration Link:

Bokashi Pinoy Philippines Charges Forward to Educating the Market

Bokashi Pinoy Composting has been working hard to provide accessible solutions to Filipinos when it comes to sustainability. Bokashi Pinoy has changed the perspective and practices of many Filipinos through their advocacy, which was rooted from their value of relationships and love for people, especially our landless farmers and farm owners. Their founder has gone through a lot of trial and error just to come up with alternative sources of the bran for the bokashi and with her research, she was able to come up with the Bokashi Ipa. Their bokashi bran did not only provide solutions but gave countless opportunities for livelihood to Filipino farmers. 


Bokashi Pinoy did not stop there and proceeded to influence various communities by changing their mindset when it comes to managing solid wastes through what they call the BaZero Communities. These communities led by certified Bokashi Pinoy Practitioners learn about managing their waste in their own community and homes through experiencing the 30 Day Garbage to Garden Program. The BaZERO Program was launched through a grant from Coca-Cola Foundation who experienced for themselves the life changing experience that is the 30-day Garbage to Garden Challenge. They believed that the systemic issue we are facing around Solid Waste Management - requires a holistic solution with behavior modification as its foundation and core.

Making this even more impactful is our collaboration through #TrashtoNature program and as defined by Bokashi pinoy, trash to nature “completes the cycle of life, death, decay and regeneration, making it easier to understand a lesson in both spirituality and earth-based science that there is no such thing as trash/ garbage or waste”.

- Lanie Francisco, Founder of Bokashi Pinoy

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