The Bokashi Ipa


This is a locally made Bokashi bran that is inoculated with good microorganisms that will aid in the fermentation and pickling of food scraps that is essential in the Bokashi composting process.


Bokashi Pinoy’s bran is specifically made with rice hull (also known in Tagalog as “ipa”) but is not to be confused with regular rice hull or ipa found in garden stores or farms. This bran/ipa is laced with good microbles which is the heart of the Bokashi composting.


But what else makes this Bokashi bran/ipa special?

Throughout the Extended Community Quarantine, it has helped give a livelihood to some farmers and their families in Sitio St. Joseph in Nueva Ecija, who were unable to sell palay. And now that things are slowly going back to normal. It is helping provide an additional source of living to those same families as they wait for harvest time. That is is just a fraction of the farming families that reside in Sitio St. Joseph. There is still an opportunity to help uplift the lives of about 45 families. And that is what every purchase of Bokashi bran/ipa means. An opportunity to help these farmers continue not just what is essential to their own living but to ours as well.