PET Bottles -Repurposing and Recycling

If our Japanese counterparts and even our OFWs based in Japan can do it, we can do it too, We can remove the labels from the PET Bottles, and then rinse and dry them too - before finally adding them to its proper recycling bins. PET bottles are Type 1 Plastics and are considered premium recyclable products. Bokashi Pinoy repurposes the following Soda and Water PET bottles as Bokashi Ipa dispenser 1.5 Liter and 2 Liter- Soda PET Bottles 4Liter and up - Water PET Bottles 295 mL - Soda PET Bottles (repurposed as molasses dispenser)

The rest of the PET bottles -? You can send them to your Barangay's Material Recovery Facility (each barangay should have one, otherwise they are non-compliant with RA 9003). Finding a place where your waste can be processed and recovered properly?

Brgy Hall of Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City What can you donate? Clothes in any condition and any fabrics. Barangay San Antonio Pasig City JCI Ortigas

Brgy Pineda MRF, Barangay Pineda, Pasig City 10 Sari-cycling bins located at Purok 4 What can you drop off? Plastics, Bottles, and Metals. Barangay Pineda Cloop Climathon Philippines

Pasig City Public Information Office Brgy Nova Proper Quezon City- Material Recovery Facility PET Bottles, Used Cooking Oil, Bokashied Food Waste

Sources: ADB - Material Recovery Facility Tool Kit

Environmental Management Bureau - List of Material Recovery Facilities in the Philippines