Day 28 - Stage 1 - Trimmings of Raw Meat/Fish/Seafood

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Note that for your first batch of Bokashi - we recommend that you only put raw veggie scraps and fruit scraps in your buckets.

You may add other leftover cooked food on your second bucket

And now, your first bucket would have been emptied- this time you may add trimmings of raw meat/fish/seafood your 3rd Bucket.

Are you ready to add trimmings of raw meat/fish/seafood in your stage 1 Bokashi?

You will need

1. A Bokashi Starter Kit (or you may DIY)

2. Extra 6 liter Bokashi Ipa

3. Molasses as an additional additive for raw fish/seafood and meat

4. Some fruit peels - ideally pineapple peelings this will help to process the raw meat/fish/seafood

5. Add more paper

Optional: Liquid Booster and Accelerator

This photo shows the v2 starter kit extra 6liter bran, 1-liter molasses and 1-liter Liquid Booster and Accelerator