Day 6: How Long

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Good morning Challengers! Day 6 - after all the excitement of waiting for Day 1 --- here comes the next wave!

Patience! Test of Patience! We have been accustomed to instant coffee , instant noodles , instant everything! Our challenge now includes Patience! Our child like fascination for bokashi has its twin brother - impatience! So, let us just tame that twin brother a bit and read on!

Some participants ask me, why do we need to participate in this challenge - when they can just read a blog article or the printed instructions in one sitting - and they already "know" what Bokashi is about. Knowing is something - but doing it consistently - automatically as a habit - in the same way you brush your teeth in the morning and evening before you go to bed - no matter how sleepy you are - is another thing! This is about building the habit and changing behaviors - not just "head knowledge". You are not too busy -- for brushing your teeth and combing your hair, are'nt you? We should also not be too busy dealing with our kitchen waste and reducing its impact to Mother Earth.

So How Long Does it really take to Build a habit?

Read this for inspiration:

So How long will this take to fill?

It depends on the volume of your kitchen waste. On the average, for a household of 2-3 pax, it may take 2 -3 weeks. For some, it might just take a day to fill the bucket with food waste.

In order for us to complete the challenge in 30 days, we highly recommend that you try to fill your first bucket with raw veggie and fruit scraps - 2 days from now.

Day 7 Veggie Scraps from the Wet Market

How long before I will be able to harvest Bokashi Leachate?

If its pure vegetable and fruit scraps, it may only take a week, for some 2 weeks.

Day 7 - The Bokashi Leachate

How long can I keep the Leachate?

Ideally, you use the Leachate ASAP!

How long before it turns into compost?

After you seal your kitchen waste in your balde for fermentation for 2 weeks . You need to bury it in soil for another 2 weeks - that is minimum 4 weeks . Traditional composting takes about 3 to 6 months. However, some fruit peels/ vegetable scraps t