Day 26 Acid Loving Plants

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Maasim ang lupa dito! Most farmers perception of maasim na lupa or acidic soil is that it is bad for crops. However, there are some crops / plants that thrive in acidic environment

If you are an absolute beginner in gardening, we suggest that you plant the following acid loving plants directly using cuttings in your harvested Bokashi compost :

  • kangkong (upland variety) - by direct sowing of seeds

  • kamote tops - by cuttings

  • OKRA - by direct sowing of seeds

  • Mulberry - direct transplanting of rooted cuttings

The above are highly recommended for those who are just starting in gardening. Its hard to kill these plants and these will survive throughout the year, regardless if it is dry or wet season in the Philippines.

The following are acid loving plants, but may need extra care, be planted at the right climate/season in the Philippines - refer here for guidelines-

All kinds of tomatoes

All kinds of beans

All kinds of peppers