Bokashi Pinoy Success Story 1 - Faith Garden Special

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

This is from Elena Of Faith Garden Special

What I like about Bokashi Composting method is it fits my schedule. I am a full-time caregiver to my Nanay and also I work as an online freelancer. I can do them when I have time. Also, when I started gardening, I have read articles that composts are good for the garden. So here’s my #bokashistory1 : My first experience was normal for a beginner. Since it is new to me, I felt lazy and impatient chopping and putting those vegetable and fruit peels into a plastic container and later when I have enough of them transfer it into the Bokashi pail for fermentation. “Sa isip ko bakit ko ba pahihirapan ang sarili ko eh puede ko naman itapon na lang lahat sa basurahan. Bibili na lang ako sa mga gardening shops nang ready made compost for my garden”(which in reality is difficult to find one). But still I decided to continue and see how it will turn out (sayang naman ang binili kong starter kit…hahaha).

In about more than two weeks inside the Bokashi Pail, I buried those fermented kitchen wastes into the soil on a 5 gallon recycled water container and after two months I had my first ever compost. Ideally, it will only take two weeks to one month for it to be composted and ready to be used for planting but in my case since marami akong ganap sa life and I’m very busy that time (tax season I think) it took me two months to check my buried bokashi wastes. But I was so happy to see that it looks beautiful and smells good. And I am sure that it’s a high quality compost because I made it myself.

It’s been two months now, and whenever I prepare the ingredients for cooking it’s been a habit already to put a reusable plastic container and bokashi bran beside my chopping board(automatic na yan kahit sa mga kasama ko sa bahay alam na nila saan ilalagay ang mga kitchen wastes nila). And I also observed that it helps reduce our garbage collected by the garbage truck from 3 large bags into only about 1 large bag.

Now, I used my bokashi composts for sowing seeds and on my Okra, peanuts, pineapples, blue ternatea plants, all planted in containers. They are healthier and produces more. So for those beginners like me, don’t be discouraged, ituloy nyo lang, ganoon talaga sa umpisa makakasanayan mo rin later on. Also, there is the Bokashi Pinoy Group with admin and members who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. So let us learn together and encourage one another, don’t waste your wastes!