Bokashi Pinoy Liquid Booster and Accelerator

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The Liquid Booster and Accelerator packs all the power of the Bokashi Ipa in liquid form. It is considered a booster when dealing with moldy (black/green/blue) and smelly food waste. Adding 30mL of this liquid booster in a 1.5liter of food waste will help to troubleshoot a bad batch of bokashi kitchen waste.

I use this sparingly now as I seldom have a bad batch or moldy/smelly food waste as I have learned how to proportion my Bokashi Ipa properly and have gotten into the habit of "bokashiing" food waste instead of just leaving it in the trash bin to rot before the garbage man arrives.

Apart from using it to troubleshoot a bad batch of bokashied kitchen waste, you may also use it as a soil conditioner , foliar spray or as deodorizer. For more details, click on Usage and Dilution.

This is not the Bokashi Juice - bokashi juice is leachate from food waste or literally katas ng basura. The Liquid Booster and Accelerator is from the mother solution of the innoculant used for the Bokashi Ipa. Click here for more information about the Bokashi Juice.

This Liquid Booster and Accelerator has a life span of 45 days after being bottled. Ensure you finish it before it expires.

It comes in 2 packages

  • Pre-mixed and bottled on the day you purchase it. You have to wait for 2 weeks before you can start using it. Click here for the instructions on Usage and Dilution

  • 2 x 60mL amber bottles which you mix 2 weeks before you start using it.