Take Action - #bethechange

A good leading indicator of behaviour change is to measure the index over time for the leadership population. If behaviour is changing in leaders, their reports and levels below will eventually follow because of the shadow they cast. This can help you steer the business/ institution /organization / barangay / city towards the tipping point for change.  

Do you have direct authority or influence over at least 3,000 people?  Sponsor a 30 day Garbage to Garden Challenge for 3 teams of 20 participants or sponsor a Livelihood Program for our Ecohubs and Agri Sites. Start by helping us to organize a 1 hour webinar with a target audience of at least 300 participants.


As an individual, just purchase a GGC Bundle and join our 30 Day Garbage to Garden Challenge. All of us have direct influence or authority over someone, it can be a household, a community or a workplace. Help us Save the Environment one bucket at a time!


Learn and apply the 5 stages of the Bokashi Pinoy method in 30 Days

Embed the Bokashi Pinoy practice into your daily routines, that it becomes second nature. It is a lifestyle change and habit development program in 30 days. (4x 1 hour Weekly Zoom Meetings at 6pm, plus a Messenger Group chat). 


Learn how to sell the Vision to your Community

What if our urban farms/community gardens can become a place where we turn kitchen waste into compost, where fathers, can teach his son new skills, where neighbors can interact in an open area, and where traditional farmers and new-age farmers can have a knowledge exchange - this is the Eco Garden experience.


Learn how we can help create
dignified "green jobs"

Mang Nato and the Kuya's at the Garden, receive the buckets from donors /collectors of Bokashied Food Waste, empties it in the composting area, rinses the bucket and returns it to the donor / collector. That itself is already a livelihood program for some of our informal workers in the City - which can lead to sustainable employment. If you, do not have a car, you may avail of our Palit Balde Program / Collection Service.


How to Sign-up?

Attend our Free Public Orientations
every Thursday at 8pm.


or send us an email : Bokashipinoy@gmail,com