BSA Pasig Bayanihan

Solid Waste Management Campaign

In collaboration with Planeta Cares, Bokashi Pinoy participated in the Bayanihan Solid Waste Management Campaign of the Barangay San Antonio Pasig City’s Clean & Green Council. The 2nd Drop Off Event last 20 November 2020 was held at the City & Land Mega Plaza near Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Center. For this event, 250Kg of plastic and 110KG of Food waste was diverted away from landfills. The Bokashied Food Waste was buried at the award winning BSA Urban Garden at 4. Gen. Delgado street to regenerate the soil naturally while at the same time reducing Greenhouse gas emissions. 110 kg of food waste emits 209 Co2ekg of greenhouse gas emissions which is equivalent to 19 days of electrical consumption of an average household.

Bokashi Pinoy Composting is a social enterprise whose mission is to divert food waste away from landfills and regenerate urban farms and agricultural lands. They are changing the mindsets of Filipino citizens by segregating and treating food waste at the source working towards sustainable food practices. During the early days of the pandemic, they focused on individual households who would like to close the loop right at home - by using the food waste to make compost and to use the compost to grow their own food.


Cheryl Joy Macaspac ("Che Macs) is one of the Bokashi Pinoy Advocates who joined the 30 day Garbage to Garden Challenge in the midst of the pandemic.

Now, Bokashi Pinoy is driving changes at a community level with the help of partners like Planeta Cares and Trash Panda by Circular Recoon. They also appreciate the full support given to us by Barangay San Antonio officials, Captain Raymond Lising and Kagawad Justin Galang.


What: Drop-off Recyclables and Sales of Bokashi Pinoy Starter Kit
(special discounts for BSA Residents with proof of residence)
Where: City & Land MegaPlaza

When: Every Saturday of the Month 8am to 11am

What: Donate your stage 3 Ready Bokashied Food Waste and also recyclables
Where: BSA Urban Garden (No Registration - No entry as this is a private village)

When: Every Last Saturday of the Month 8am to 11am​

How to register: 


Our target is 300 buckets or at least 4,000 kg of Bokashied Food Waste to be diverted away from the land fill, instead regenerate 300 sqm of farmland/ garden soil, which will directly benefit the following

  1. Pasig City Street Sweepers at BSA Urban Garden

  2. Renala Farm - Landless Farmers of Nueva Ecija

  3. Novaliches - Sustainable Gardeners

  4. Barangay Pineda (target beneficiaries - more details to be provided soon)


4,000 Kg of food waste if untreated will produce 7,600 COe2Kg of greenhouse gas emissions which is equivalent to 1.86 years of electrical consumption of an individual household.  So, this exercise will indirectly benefit all Pasig City dwellers in terms or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what happens after these drop off events? 

Justin Galang (Brgy San Antonio Kagawad), Maika Samson (Founder of Planeta Cares) and Jaymee Ann Alon (Bokashi Pinoy Community Leader), will encourage the residents of Barangay San Antonio to form their own Bayanihan Solid Waste Management Council. This council will build up on the successes of the Clean & Green initiatives to help ensure the continuity of its impact for years to come.

A knowledge transfer of the best practices in segregation of solid waste will be launched on January 2021. The first 20 advocates from Barangay San Antonio will receive a total of 8 hours of competency based training. The goal is to create a community of thought leaders, change makers, compost makers, mentors, trainers and advocates who will lead their neighbors to a future that is food secure and at the same time almost zero waste.

There are 3,200 households in San Antonio Village alone. If each household contributes 0.9Kg of food waste daily, in one month that is 864,000 KG of food waste which can potentially regenerate 57,600 square meters of farm lands and will also avoid greenhouse gas emission of 1,641,600 CO2eKg which is equivalent to 402 years of electrical consumption of an average household.


Volunteer sign-ups can be done online through the Bokashi Pinoy website or on-site during the donation drive and drop-off event. See you there!


Volunteer registration here: 

For more information: Click here:


1. What is the complete list of Non-residual solid waste are you accepting for donation?
Answer: Here is the list and instructions:
Bokashied Kitchen Wastes

Tetra packs

Plastic wastes


2. Are there other Drop off Sites for Bokashied Food Waste?
Answer: You may send your donations to the following drop - off sites on or before December 18
Check out:

3. Who are the beneficiaries of this exercise?
The following will be directly benefiting from the end product: Compost
BSA Pasig Street Sweepers
Renala Farm - Landless Farmers
Novaliches - Sustainable Gardeners

BSA Pasig Residents

- access to nutritious, affordable and sustainable food and compost
- Community Engagement
- Less pests infestation from kitchen wastes

- implementation of RA 9003 at Barangay level

Indirectly: All of us !

less greenhouse gas emissions! Slow down Climate Change if not reverse it