BaZERO Communities

Experiential Learning, Engagement and Empowerment



These are communities led by Certified Bokashi Pinoy Practitioners who engaged their local authorities (Barangay Captains / HOA Presidents / Property Managers). Bokashi Pinoy will be empowered by Coca Cola Foundation to provide experiential learning journey on Ecological Solid Waste Management of the following Waste Streams

  1. Food Waste

  2. PET Bottles

  3. Used Cooking Oil

Our growing list of BaZERO Communities

1. Ateneoville

2. Vista Verde Ph3 Mambog Cavite
3. BSA Pasig
4. Barangay Pineda Pasig

5. Gulaynihan ng SK - Nova Proper QC
6. Sharon Farm - Nova Proper QC

7. Dolce Vita, Binan Laguna

8. OBMC *5 campuses (4 in Metro Manila, 1 Angeles Pampanga) and Precioza Farm

In the pipeline

1. Barangay Tandang Sora, QC
2. Gulayan ni Juan sa Don Bosco
3. QC University managed farms


The objective of this 6 month Information and Education Campaign (IEC) is

The 30 Day BaZERO Program

The 30 Day Garbage to Garden Program took 2 years to be developed by Bokashi Pinoy Founder Lanie Francisco. It was designed to address change in mindset and behaviours around managing solid waste , particularly food waste at the household and community level. It was formally launched in March 15, 2020 in response to the Covd-19 pandemic - Enhanced Community Quarantine.


The "Think Bokashi First" mantra ensures that food waste is segregated properly so that it does not contaminate non- biodegradable waste. Once food waste and yard waste is properly managed, recyclables get sorted and collected "as clean as possible", before it gets to recycling facilities. Hence on the first year anniversary of the 30 Day Garbage to Garden Program, we renamed it to 30 Day BaZERO program to be more encompassing and embrace its “Think Bokashi First” Mantra, but not forgetting non-biodegradable waste as a focus area.


Divert food waste away from landfills to regenerate farm lands towards food sustainability. Reduce smelly food waste and pests in food establishments